Welcome Presenters! This page is to assist you in
preparing for the 2006 annual American Society of
Something Annual Meeting.
 If you require an association logo for your
presentation, just click
A PowerPoint template is available by clicking this
    If you have any questions about your
presentation, please email us at
help@ppthelp.com .
Include a detailed message about your problem, as well as
any contact info you would like us to have.
    If you would like us to perform a Presentation
, making sure the spelling, formatting, graphics
and videos run correctly in PowerPoint 2003, you can
email your presentation to
checkup@ppthelp.com . If your
presentation is greater then 15megs in size, just email us
checkup@ppthelp.com and we will send you a link to
our FTP server.
    Translation services are available. If you require your
presentation to be translated to or from any language,
please email us at
translation@ppthelp.com , and we will
make all the arrangements.
    If you would like to submit your presentation, you
can email it to
eventx@ppthelp.com . If your presentation is
larger then 15megs, send us a message at
eventx@ppthelp.com and we will send you a link to our
FTP site.
Make sure that your presentation has a title
slide that includes the title of your talk, your name,
and the date of the presentation.

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