Presentation Concierge can create custom web sites for your
employees. This site can be used to download templates and
company logos and submit presentations for review.
Welcome Company X Employees!
   If your presentation is larger then 20megs, please email us at
and we will send you a link to our FTP site.
  If you require a copy of the Company X Powerpoint Template  or
Company X logo click on the appropriate link.
Translation services are available. If you require your presentation to
be translated to or from any language, please email us at , and we will make all the arrangements.
   If you are having any problems with your presentation, or have
any questions,  please email us at .
Please include all of your contact info, as well as a detailed message
explaining your challenge. One of our associated will be in touch as
soon as possible.

Custom Page 2
Company X
Name & Logo Here
     Welcome to the Company X Presentation Portal. If you would
like your presentation checked for spelling and formatting, as well as any
graphics checked, and the presentation is less then 20megs in size,
please send an email with any special instructions and the attached
presentation to