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About Our Business

   The name TMetta was created a with a great deal of deliberation. The Urban
Dictionary defines metta as "a sincere wish for the welfare and genuine
happiness of all beings, without exception". Technology is defined as " tools and
implementations deemed useful by a society."
    Far too often, technology proves to be a burden for an end-user. Our goal is to
make sure our clients have the right technology in the right room at the right time
with the right attitude, utilizing the right budget.
   We are devoted to service delivery. TMetta is our belief that the latest
technology must act as a positive experience for the end user. It must act to
enhance a person's life.
   There are few firms that have the depth and breadth of experience in media
support as TMetta.

TMetta Inc.
12414 Eastbourne Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20904
TMetta Inc