PPT Check-Up
Presentation Check-up
TMetta Inc.
When making a presentation in front of any group, you have one
chance to make a good first impression.
That is why you need to
use our
Presentation Check-up Service.

We check the formatting, spelling, graphics and videos. We will
return the finished presentation via email, FTP server, or we can send
you physical media if required. We can also send your presentation
along to any third party you require.

We can also keep your presentation on file, and send it to
anyone you require for one small flat fee.
This is ideal for sales
professionals who often need to send clients or co-workers the same

Our basic fee for the Presentation Check-up is $70.00 an hour.

We are happy to provide an estimate on request.

We are able to convert most video and image formats.

If you are interested in our Presentation Check-up service

please contact us at